September school newsletters

Not every school’s September newsletter is posted to school websites (as some may just be sent home on paper or through other electronic means) but I have linked to the ones in Wards 6 & 7 that are available. This very brief summary includes only items that are new or unique or that I found interesting. If you feel that I’ve missed something important (or if you want to provide me with your own monthly summary for your school!) email me at

Ward 6 Schools

A.E. Cross School – Windows and outdoor panels were replaced over the summer and the Food and Fashion Lab was renovated, so the school is “now ready for full student use.” There is a cafeteria that can be used as a lunchroom, but they don’t have the “financial resources” to be able to sell food. O Canada is played each Monday to begin the day, and also to begin assemblies. There was a fundraising casino in July 2014. There is a grade 8 west coast sailing trip. There is a separate band parents association.

Battalion Park School – Uses IRIS. Casino will be held Oct 20 & 21, 2014. School council has their own website. 5 buses. Over 500 students in noon supervision. Newsletter is sent home (paper-copy). Students are allowed to wear costumes for Halloween.

Ernest Manning High School

Glamorgan School – Kicking off the Leader in Me this year as a “character education program,” supported by a private donor. Cross country running club. Casino Jan. 27-28, 2015. Outdoor living classroom. Grandparent Program to encourage extended family to volunteer in the classrooms every Thursday.

Glenbrook School

Glendale School – Heavy focus on “inquiry learning” and “intellectual engagement.” Photos of all staff in the newsletter. 230 students K-6. All outside doors are locked. K-4 use paper agends, Gr. 5-6 use D2L. The school development plan is available online or in the office. There is “coffee with the principal” seven times throughout the year.

Olympic Heights School – Enrolment of 732, capped with a wait list. There are two choirs. They hold a volunteer orientation.

West Springs School – No modular classrooms, so grade 1 and 2 are meeting in the “learning commons”, with team teaching. Furniture delivery was behind schedule. No food treats for birthdays. Noon supervision takes place in classrooms. Communication via email. Running club for Gr. 4-6.

Ward 7 Schools

Banff Trail School – Uses IRIS. Uses “Dare to Care” anti-bullying program. Noon supervision takes place in classrooms.

Branton School – daily bulletin – The cafeteria sells hot food. There is a debate team and a soccer team, band, wrestling.

Brentwood School – Has an acting Assistant Principal. Has a drama residency this year. “Start Smart, Stay Safe” (S4) school with Calgary Police. School council holds an annual welcome back breakfast.

Briar Hill School

Cambrian Heights School – 386 students. One PLP II class. Holds a welcome back breakfast.

Capitol Hill School – Teachers send out introduction letters. School focus is creativity and innovation. An artist has a studio in a classroom. Has a “creating community” evening. The school addresses “shared parenting”.

Captain John Palliser School

Collingwood School – Holds an annual picnic (that was cancelled due to snow, but the dance was fun!). The school has an iOS app with the calendar, newsletter and a link to D2L. A fee report will be posted with an Annual School Report on the website in early November. All volunteers are required to attend an orientation session.

Colonel Irvine School – 528 students enrolled (versus 508 projected). Fall sports: soccer, volleyball and cross country running. Grade 6 trip to Camp Chief Hector. Cafeteria serves hot food.

Crescent Heights High School – daily bulletin – Will participate in We-Day. Holding student council elections.

Dalhousie School – Spanish bilingual, with an expanded catchment area to include the far north: Sage Hill, Evanston, Nolan Hill, Kincora and Sherwood. Some families were redesignated to W. O. Mitchell. Has an Outdoor Classroom and gardens. Includes all teachers’ email addresses in the newsletter. Does not accept cheques for fees, but has a credit/debit terminal in the school. School is monitored by recorded CCTV.

Dr. E.W. Coffin School

H.D. Cartwright School – Opens with a meet-the-teacher pancake breakfast. Bused students from Sherwood and Ranchlands take Calgary Transit, from Nolan Hill take a yellow bus.

Highwood School – Has 18 half-days throughout the year. Lunch Lady, Healthy Hunger (fun lunches) and a Milk program. Uses D2L for agendas, parents expected to log in daily. Teacher email addresses included in newsletter.

Hillhurst School

King George School

Louise Dean School – 99 returning students and 25 new students. “The registration door is always open” and more students will join during the year. Last year, over 200 young women attended. There are 64 spaces for childcare for babies at the school. Has a Student Committee to plan events. Fair Gains matches x3 education savings by students (eg. $50 + $150, up to $2500). There is a family practitioner in the school every Wed morning. A free hot breakfast and highly subsidized hot lunch is available to all students.

Queen Elizabeth High School

Queen Elizabeth School – New administration team. 280 students between regular and DHH (Deaf & Hard of Hearing) programs. Split classes Gr. 1/2 x 4, Gr. 3/4 x 3, Gr. 5/6 x 2, DHH x 2. Holds a monthly “coffee and conversation” for parents to talk about education or student-related topics.

Rosedale School – There is a new principal this year. Grades K-9. Teams for 6 – 9 include volleyball, cross country, badminton, basketball, track & field, as well as lunchtime intramurals. Parents can volunteer to coach.

Rosemont School

Senator Patrick Burns School – 15 buses. Cafeteria sells hot and cold food. School council chair, vice chair and key communicator positions are vacant, as are five positions on the fundraising association. Updates are provided in a blog on the school website.

Simon Fraser School

Sir Winston Churchill High School – daily bulletin – Churchill’s Got Talent. Casino Dec 9 & 10.

Sunnyside School – 149 students K-6. Split classes: Gr. 1/2 x 2, Gr. 3 x 1, Gr. 4/5 x 2, Gr. 5/6 x 1. Alberta Opera will come to present Rumpelstiltskin. Artist in residence. The “Leader In Me” program. First school council meeting is a potluck and AGM. Annual fall fair. Students use a paper agenda.

W. H. Cushing Workplace School – Big idea this year: Story. Each student needs a Calgary Public Library card, left at the school, and the students regularly visit the public library. Phys Ed is at Central United Church.

West Dalhousie School

William Aberhart High School

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