Oct. 14, 2014 Board Meeting

Here is an outline of the public agenda and reports for the October 14, 2014 board meeting.

– School Presentation: Simons Valley School

The following three agenda items were also discussed at last week’s board meeting in case you are wondering why the points below are the same as my update last week. As per our new pilot procedures, decision items are being discussed at one meeting before being voted on at the next. This gives trustees time to get their questions answered and to consider all of the information before having a debate and voting. The reports are exactly the same as what was presented last week, and thus retain their page numbering from last week.

– Monitoring of policy OE-3Treatment of Owners (pg. 6-1 to 6-12). “The Chief Superintendent shall maintain an organizational culture that treats all organization owners with respect, dignity and courtesy.” The Chief Superintendent has found this policy to be in compliance with the exception of two of the fifteen indicators (or two of the sixteen indicators as one of the indicators is broken down into two parts).

– Trustee Liaison Report: Calgary Association of Parents & School Councils (CAPSC) (pg. 7-32 to 7-42). The Board will be considering whether to approve $3,000 in funding for CAPSC. This was postponed from the June 17, 2014 board meeting in order to gather more information. The Board is also being asked to consider creating a letter of understanding with CAPSC in order to clarify the relationship between the CBE, Trustees and CAPSC.

– New School, Modernization and Modular Ranking Criteria (pg. 7-1 to 7-31). Starting in May, 2014, the CBE has sought public feedback regarding how major CBE construction projects should be prioritized when making our capital requests to the provincial government. This feedback was gathered through online engagements, in-person focus groups, and an open house. The Board is now being asked to approve the criteria and methodology used to rank future capital requests to the province.

The following reports are on the “Consent Agenda” which means that they become part of the public record, but are not discussed during the board meeting. All motions for action items on the consent agenda are unanimously approved unless a trustee “pulls” the item off of the consent agenda for a vote.

– Chief Superintendent’s Update (pg. 6-3 to 6-7). This report includes updates from the following service units in the CBE:

– Office of the Chief Superintendent: The CBE has decided not to proceed with a proposal for a new “Energy and Environment Focussed Education” alternative program. Area IV Director, Dianne Yee, presented at a conference about CBE “leadership learning sessions” where principals, assistant principals and learning leaders come together to share and discuss evidence of leadership practice, teacher practice and student learning. Carol Murray, Education Coordinator, Policy was recognized for completing her Doctor of Education.

– Learning Services: A new delivery model has been developed to enable easier access to occupational therapy and physiotherapy services in CBE schools.

– Learning Innovation: Iris 2.0 is being developed. Technology update provided.

– Provincial Achievement Tests/Diploma Exam Results (pg. 6-33 to 6-69). The Board will be discussing this when we monitor the policy Results 2: Academic Success next month.

– 2014-2015 Student Enrolment Summary (pg. 6-8 to 6-11). Enrolment has increased by 3,709 students for a total of 114,472 students in the CBE. This is 477 students above the projected enrolment. A more detailed report will be presented near the end of November with enrolment numbers per school/program, utilization rates, and a list of spaces leased in CBE buildings.

– Trustee Liaison Report – Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) Zone 5 (pg. 6-12 to 6-30). This report contains meeting minutes of the ASBA Zone 5 meetings held in March, April and May.

Trustees will be moving in-camera following this public portion.

You can watch the proceedings of the public portions of the meeting in person at the Education Centre (1221 – 8 St. SW) or online either live, or through the video recording posted within a few days of the meeting. All board meetings begin at noon.

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