Nov. 25, 2014 Board Meeting

Here is an outline of the public agenda and reports for the November 25, 2014 board meeting.

– Lighthouse Award: This award is presented monthly to recognize various partnership organizations that provide services or supports to CBE students.

– High School SuccessPresentation and discussion.

– Monitoring of policy R-2Academic Success (pg. 5-1 to 5-38). “Each student will be literate and numerate, able to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies acquired across all academic disciplines.” The Chief Superintendent has found the organization is making reasonable progress toward achieving the desired results. This is probably the policy that many community members are most interested in, and I would encourage everyone to read this report and to send me your thoughts.

– Monitoring of policy OE-11Learning Environment/Treatment of Students (pg. 6-1 to 6-12). “The Chief Superintendent shall establish and maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful and conducive to effective learning for each student.” The Chief Superintendent has found this policy to be in compliance.

– Annual Education Results Report 2013-14 and Three Year Education Plan 2014-17 (pg. 7-1 to 7-3 + 33 page report to be submitted to the province). This report is required by all school districts and are key elements of Alberta Education’s Accountability Framework. This is another report that I would recommend that all community members read.

The following reports are on the “Consent Agenda” which means that they become part of the public record, but are not discussed during the board meeting. All motions for action items on the consent agenda are unanimously approved unless a trustee “pulls” the item off of the consent agenda for a vote.

– First Quarter Budget Variance Report for the 2014-15 Operating and Capital Budgets and Fall 2014 Budget Update (pg. 8-8 to 8-22). The Fall budget update reflects the budget impacts of changes in student enrolment from what was estimated during the Spring and includes an increase in revenue of $21.7 million as well as an increase in expenses of $18.3 million which leaves the CBE with a forecasted deficit of $14.6 million ($3.4 million less than the approved Spring budget!).

– Official correspondence received by and sent by the Board of Trustees (pg. 8-96 to 8-98).

– EducationMatters Financial Statements as at September 30, 2014 (pg. 8-23 to 8-34). The Board requests quarterly reporting from EducationMatters, a charitable trust set up to benefit CBE students.

– 2013-14 Fourth Quarter Budget Variance Report (8-35 to 8-43). A breakdown is provided as to why the CBE ended up $24.4 million favourable to budget during the 2013-14 school year (with a surplus of $9.1 million) on pg. 8-36.

– Construction Projects Status Report (pg. 8-44 to 8-54). The CBE also has a website devoted to construction projects which is updated regularly.

– 2014-15 School Enrolment Report (pg. 8-55 to 8-95). This report includes how many students are in each grade at each school, as well as the enrolment in each alternative and specialized programs. It also includes the school capacity and utilization rates of each school. The ideal capacity of schools is 80%.

You can watch the proceedings in person at the Education Centre (1221 – 8 St. SW) or online either live, or through the video recording posted within a few days of the meeting. All board meetings begin at noon.

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