Stay Connected

Throughout the school year, I will provide updates on what is happening in the CBE boardroom, information on current issues and answers to commonly asked questions.

As a public school board trustee, it is also important for me to hear from you. I need to understand how policies developed and monitored in the boardroom are affecting our schools, families and communities. In order to effectively represent you, I need to know your thoughts and ideas for how we can work together to improve our education system and how we can better share our successes.

While e-mail is the best way to contact me, I can also be reached via Twitter, Facebook, and phone. I am always happy to talk with community members and school councils and would welcome an invitation to meet. I will also be hosting community coffee chats throughout the year. I look forward to connecting with you!

** Please note that the contents of this website are not written by, nor are they endorsed by the Calgary Board of Education or the CBE Board of Trustees. However, there will be many links to the CBE and other external organizations in order to provide further information.