Trina Hurdman


Trina understands that fiscal accountability is a cornerstone to wisely use dwindling educational resources.  Let’s put the ‘public’ back into ‘public education’.

Brent Kearl, EducatorCollingwood

Trina Hurdman is caring, forthright and well-informed.   She will be a strong advocate for our children. She’ll work hard to ensure they get a high-quality and well-planned education.   She’s what we need in our CBE trustee to give our kids the solid base they need.

Alex PooleSignal Hill

Trina Hurdman has overseas and Canadian experience with teaching institutions and systems, insights that would be valuable to the Calgary school system in the future. She can think and make decisions outside the box.

Kurt Hansen, P. Eng.Dalhousie

Trina is running for public school trustee because she cares about our children and wants to make a positive change within the CBE.  This is not some ego driven campaign, but rather a campaign based on common sense.

Derrick AshworthWest Springs

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