Grade 6 Math PAT data

Since we all need something to keep us occupied until the US election results roll in, here is the Provincial Achievement Test data from 2012-2016 for Grade 6 Math. For further information on the terms I am using in these graphs and notes about looking at PAT data, please read this prior post.

First is a graph that shows what percentage of Grade 6 students actually wrote the test.


The following two graphs show what percentage of students met the acceptable standard (ie. passed the test) as a percentage of all the students enrolled in Grade 6 and then as a percentage of all the students who wrote the test.



And now, for the graphs of the percentage of students who met the standard of excellence, again based on all students enrolled, and then only on the students who wrote the test.



Finally, here is a graph showing the average adjusted score of the students who wrote the test.


Again, each graph provides different perspectives and it is important to consider all of them when analyzing achievement data.

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