Excellence in Teaching Awards

It is time to nominate outstanding teachers and principals for the “Excellence in Teaching Awards!” We can all remember the teachers in our lives who believed in us, encouraged us, and inspired us to reach further than we ever thought we could. We recognize and are eternally grateful for those teachers who do the same for our children every day. These teachers go above and beyond, and now it is our turn to take some time to recognize the vital role they play in the lives of our students.

Please consider taking the time to nominate a teacher for this award. While the nomination package may look imposing, it is really very simple. All you need to do is get three letters of support about what the teacher or principal has done to support students (the award criteria are all laid out on the back of each form, so you know what the selection committee is looking for). If nominating a teacher, the letters must be from the school principal, a teacher colleague and a member of the public (this can be written by you). Each person must also fill out a form with their name and contact information. Another form must be completed by the “Superintendent” (in the CBE, an Area Director can fill out this form). If you are nominating a principal, then the Area Director would also need to write a letter of support as the principal would obviously not write a letter for their own nomination. The teacher or principal being nominated must also complete a form saying that they are aware that they are being nominated. (Sorry, no surprising them one day with an award!) All nominees will get a certificate of recognition even if they are not an award recipient.

While distributing and collecting the forms and letters may take a couple of hours on your part, remember the countless hours that our teachers and principals spend, not only during the school day, but also on evenings, weekends and holidays reflecting, learning and planning for the precious hours that they will spend with students. Simply taking the time to nominate them will show them that you recognize those efforts and appreciate them, and that means just as much as winning the award itself.

The nomination deadline is March 4, 2016, so now is the time to start getting the package together!

Here is the poster from the Alberta Education website where you can also download the nomination package.


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