It is easy to support Trina Hurdman, given her commitment to public education and the educational welfare of our children and, in particular, her stance on openness, how money is spent and report cards. It’s time for a change and Trina is that change.

Ken McNeill

Trina understands that fiscal accountability is a cornerstone to wisely use dwindling educational resources.  Let’s put the ‘public’ back into ‘public education’.

Brent Kearl, EducatorCollingwood

Trina Hurdman has the experience, skill, and integrity to make positive change in education, both for parents and for taxpayers. Trina will listen to her constituents and work hard to strengthen public education.

Dale Hudjik, President of ARTES

The Calgary Board of Education needs to be represented by Trustees who will be honest, transparent and accountable to constituents.  Trina is committed to public education and the students it serves.  It is time – time for strong Trustee representation.  On October 21st vote for Trina Hurdman.

Carole Oliver

Trina has been a tireless advocate for better education and well-run schools in the CBE. I’m glad to endorse her.

Dan Furst

Trina will make a great trustee. She’s sensible, strong, experienced and
will stand up for the best interests of our kids. Our public education
system will be better with Trina as trustee.

Greg Clark

Trina has a clear grasp on the challenges, issues and opportunities facing the Calgary Board of Education. Her desire to become a Trustee is born out of a genuine passion and caring for the state of the education system in Calgary. I believe she can influence meaningful change that will benefit the children whom the education system is ultimately intended to serve.

Brad KrizanSignal Hill

Trina Hurdman is caring, forthright and well-informed.   She will be a strong advocate for our children. She’ll work hard to ensure they get a high-quality and well-planned education.   She’s what we need in our CBE trustee to give our kids the solid base they need.

Alex PooleSignal Hill

Trina Hurdman has overseas and Canadian experience with teaching institutions and systems, insights that would be valuable to the Calgary school system in the future. She can think and make decisions outside the box.

Kurt Hansen, P. Eng.Dalhousie

Trina has been a key part of our Save Our Fine Arts executive from the beginning and believes strongly in the importance an arts education can have on the development of students.  She is passionate about education and would make a great school board trustee.

Bill Campbell, SOFA Co-chairSpringbank Hill

Trina has the passion, energy and commitment that makes an exceptional school board trustee. She is exactly what is needed in today’s education governance. Trina has proved her dedication by continuing to participate for the past three years. It is time to put Trina where she can truly influence Calgary’s Public Education system.

Esmé Comfort, Vice-Chair Canadian Rockies Public Schools Board (Three-term Trustee)

As a parent who has lost all faith in the public school system, I want to see positive changes in the CBE.  Trina Hurdman is that positive change for Ward 6/7.  I’ve had discussions with Trina regarding school issues in my ward and found her to be organized, responsive, involved, committed, educated, analytical, punctual, caring and approachable – all absolutely key factors to have in a Trustee.

Deanna BradleyAspen Woods

Trina will make a great trustee. She is a strong advocate of public education and spending our tax dollars wisely.  She knows all sides, being a mom, tax payer  and former teacher.  I know Trina will bring much needed common sense to the CBE.

Josh Traptow

Trina is running for public school trustee because she cares about our children and wants to make a positive change within the CBE.  This is not some ego driven campaign, but rather a campaign based on common sense.

Derrick AshworthWest Springs