Dec. 2, 2014 Board Meeting

Here is an outline of the public agenda and reports for the December 2, 2014 board meeting.

– School Presentation: Prince of Wales School

– Monitoring of policy R-2Academic Success (pg. 5-1 to 5-38). “Each student will be literate and numerate, able to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies acquired across all academic disciplines.” Trustees had the opportunity to ask questions about this report at the last board meeting and will decide at this meeting if they feel that reasonable progress is being made in terms of Academic Success.

– Monitoring of policy OE-11Learning Environment/Treatment of Students (pg. 6-1 to 6-12). “The Chief Superintendent shall establish and maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful and conducive to effective learning for each student.” Again, trustees asked questions about this report at the last board meeting and will decide at this meeting whether or not the CBE is in compliance with the policy.

– Presentation of the 2013-14 Financial Results of the Calgary Board of Education (pg. 5-42 to 5-130): This report includes administration’s discussion and analysis of financial operations for the 2013-14 year. An overview is presented as well as a breakdown of expenses for each service unit. The consolidated financial statements and audited financials are also a part of this report.

– Consideration of Filling the Board Member Vacancy (pg. 5-131 to 5-139): The resignation of Sheila Taylor on October 3, 2014 created a vacancy on the Board. The Board must now decide whether to hold a by-election or to leave the seat vacant until the next municipal election in 2017. The results of a public survey on the matter have been posted online.

The following reports are on the “Consent Agenda” which means that they become part of the public record, but are not discussed during the board meeting. All motions for action items on the consent agenda are unanimously approved unless a trustee “pulls” the item off of the consent agenda for a vote.

– Reasonable interpretation of policy OE-6Financial Administration (pg. 4-1 to 4-5): Rather than copying out part of Administrative Regulation 7001 (Purchase of Goods and Services) in the reasonable interpretation, the entire AR is simply referenced. Also, in future quarterly financial variance reports, only variances of over 1% that are over $500,000 will be reported.

– CBE Response to the 2014-2018 ASBA Strategic Plan Survey (pg. 6-24 to 6-32): Every year, the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) asks each school district to complete a survey to help guide them in their strategic planning for the next year.

– Terms of Reference for the School Naming Committee (pg. 5-39 to 5-41): With multiple new schools being built in the next few years, committees for each school project will soon be established in order to make a recommendation to the Board as to what they should be named.

– Official correspondence (pg. 6-13 to 6-17): Letter sent by the Board of Trustees to the Ministers of Education and Infrastructure regarding the CBE’s vision for all of the school projects announced this Fall. Costs and proposed timelines are provided as well as a request for the funds to complete full build-outs of schools.

– Chief Superintendent’s Update (pg. 6-18 to 6-23). This report includes updates on the four objectives of the CBE’s Three Year Education Plan:

– Personalize Learning: Students and staff have been asked to provide feedback on the Gr. 3 Student Learning Assessments (SLAs). Plans for the Gr. 6 SLAs have not yet been communicated to the CBE by the province. The Early Years Evaluation – Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) ensures that Kindergarten students are assessed twice a year to determine if students require additional supports in certain domains. The CBE has partnered with the Ability Hub for the project CommunityWorks which helps students on the autism spectrum to gain work experience skills. The Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative – Accounting Mentorship Program in partnership with KPMG was launched at Western Canada High School in October.

– Build Professional Capital: A curriculum development prototyping symposium was hosted by the CBE in collaboration with its 18 jurisdictional partners to explore the work that is being done in curriculum development. Lori Pamplin, Director, Leadership and Learning completed her doctorate.

– Engage Our Public: The CBE launched a new website in order to be better focused on parent needs, to have improved search functionality, and to be more accessible to families who may have difficulty with English. A Blackfoot pipe ceremony was held to bless the land, staff and community members involved in the modernization of Harold W. Riley School to an Aboriginal Learning Centre. Facilities Superintendent, Frank Coppinger, presented at the Emergency and Disaster Planning Summit in Toronto.

– Steward Our Resources: $1.3 million in unpaid transportation (1,900 accounts) and noon hour supervision (5,000 accounts) fees are being sent to a collection agency which is compensated at 23% of the amount recovered on the account.

– Report from the Strategic Dialogue and Public Engagement Committee (pg. 6-33 to 6-34): Summarizes what has occurred to date with regards to the Board working with the Council of School Councils (COSC) as the official voice of CBE parents.

You can watch the proceedings in person at the Education Centre (1221 – 8 St. SW) or online either live, or through the video recording posted within a few days of the meeting. All board meetings begin at noon.

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